In 2013, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a state programme Development of Fisheries Industry. According to the study carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Russia has a significant aquatic bioresources potential, that is a nature competitive advantage in the world’s economy. Eventually, a domestic fisheries industry has all possibilities for sustainable growth. It is proved by availability of natural, resource, production, scientific, market and social potentials.

Strategic target specified in the state programme is to transit from raw-materials export model of development to innovative one  on the basis of conservation, restoration,  sustainable use of aquatic bioresources, implementation of new technologies, marketability support of the Russian fisheries industry goods and services.

As a result of an optimal scenario, aquatic bioresources extraction volume will have increased up to 6 156 thous. tons by 2020.  And the market share of domestic food fish products will have reached 85% by 2020, the labour efficiency will have improved by 70% on the year 2011.

Belgorod region is an active partner of the programme for development of agriculture.  Development of agriculture and fish industry in Belgorod region for 2014-2020

The region comes 22nd in fish production in the RF and 1st in fresh and chilled fish production in the Central Federal District. Numerous ponds are widely used for fish raising and reproduction.   

An average consumption per capita is 13 kg a year, and 3.1 – 3.5 kg of that are domestic produced.

The fish farms are organized for raising mirror carps, silver carps, grass carps, besters in the region. The production of valuable fish species (trout, sturgeon) is being developed, works are being carried out to reproduce the fish species (tench, ide) listed in the Red Book of the region.
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