Greenhouse industry

Belgorod region is one of the fastest growing agro-industrial regions of Russia. 

Using accumulated experience in development of pig and poultry clusters, the region took a decision on import substitution of glass-raised vegetable with the products of local producers in 2012.

This decision was settled in Strategies of social and economic development of the region for the period up to 2015 and in a state programme of Belgorod region Development of agricultural sector and fish farming in Belgorod region for 2014-2020 in 2013.

Reliable legal base, supporting projects under the one-stop shop principle, a balanced system of privileges and preferences, a high readiness level of investment sites for the project launching – all these create a favorable climate for investors and ensure the safety of the capital invested.

The specialists of Razvitie Corporation JSC developed a proposal to create a greenhouse cluster conjsisting of 500 ha of modern greenhouse complexes in Belgorod region by 2020 in order to occupy at least 10-12% of the Russian Federation market. According to estimates made by the specialists of Razvitie Corporation JSC, construction costs for supermodern greenhouse complex  are approx. 150-180 mln rub/ha, and return on investments is 17-23%.

Agricultural school, engineering and service companies, suppliers of equipment and component, seed grains, fertilizers and other expendable materials as well as logistic and distributive structures will be included in the cluster together with the greenhouse complexes.

The consumers of the production of Belgorod region greenhouse cluster are determined.  Supplies within a radius of 300 km are planned to be carried out directly to the outdoor wholesale markets and big distributive networks. Supplies to  retail trade networks of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be carried out via distributive centres of these cities.

The quality of fresh vegetables and time of product retail sales directly depend on delivery quality and speed. Producing in Belgorod region allows to deliver to different places within 2-3 days after harvest.

Nowadays, ecological safety of the products comes to the fore, and vegetables raised in Belgorod region will become a guarantor of consumer health. That is what will distinguish local vegetables from imported ones.

So, one of the provisions of the Russian Federation's Food Security Doctrine according to which own-produced vegetables under glass supply shall be at least 80%.  

Currently, Razvitie Corporation JSC is supporting the biggest investment project of all-Russian scale, that is the construction of a greenhouse complex of LLC "GreenHouse" in Belgorod region with a total production area of 108 ha and volume of products obtained of 93 thus. tons a year. At present, the first stage of the complex with an area of 24 ha is under construction.

Work on support and implementation of 6 projects is in progress within the concept of TK 500 in the current year. 

In order to achieve an ultimate target, the specialists of Razvitie Corporation JSC are working on attracting the investors to the regional greenhouse cluster. It is necessary to take on the investors for the greenhouses of 150 ha in the next 2-3 years.
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