Greenhouse industry

Nowadays in Russia industrial greenhouse business is not just a trend but an advantageous niche for investments and business diversification. By the projections of experts domestic companies are able to increase output volume. For this purpose it is necessary to put approximately 500 ha of greenhouses into service.

Dairy industry

The main issue of a regional program is a creation of favorable economic conditions for the sustainable development of milk production and processing in Belgorod region. It provides new production capacity creation,  modernization of operating facilities, creation of competitive forage reserve.


Eventually a domestic fishery industry has all possibilities for sustainable growth. It is proved by availability of natural, resource, production, scientific, market and social potentials and workforce capacity. Strategic target is transition to innovative development type.

Industrial production

A new version of the Russian Federation state programme Industry development and its competitive growth was approved by the Order of the Russian Federation Government in April, 2014. The programme is being implemented within 2012-2020, including the first stage implemented in 2012-2015. State programme budgeting increased  fourfold and amounted up to 1.06 trillion rubles.

Distributed energy

Belgorod region is one of the flagships of Russian agriculture. Over 1000 complexes for production of poultry and pork meat operate in the region, they produce approximately 15 mln. tons of waste per year.